December 19th Mexican Christmas Ethnic Night!

December 17, 2011By adminEthnic Night

Hi Folks, I’m pretty excited for Monday’s Ethnic night. I just finished marinating the turkeys (In a flavourful ancho chile marinade). Laura’s been making the decorations, Nick has some festive Mexican music put together and Laura’s friend Leanne is hand making the piñata. Food is an important part of Las Posadas (December 16-24th) and Christmas. … Read More

Monday December 12th is Lebanon!

December 11, 2011By adminEthnic Night, Uncategorized

Hi Folks! Monday is Lebanese cuisine. I have a soft spot in my heart for Lebanese food. When I was a young man living in Calgary, before I understood my fascination with all kinds of different cultures and cuisines, I used to go into a small Lebanese take-out restaurant so I could make eyes at … Read More

Monday Nov. 28th is Indonesia!

November 27, 2011By adminUncategorized

Hi Folks, It’s Indonesia this week. I love this cuisine. Lots of big beautiful flavours and always a chance to kick up the heat with a sambal (their hot sauce). One of my favourite cookbook authors writes about a wonderful experience she had in Jakarta. She went to this open air restaurant where the eating … Read More

November 20, 2011By adminUncategorized

Max and Irma”s November 21st Ethnic night is France I ran across an interest anecdote while I was researching today’s menu. The idea espoused was that France hadn’t developed much of a refined cuisine before 1533, when Catherine De Medicis (a Florentine princess) married Henry duc d”Orleans (who became King Henry II or France). They … Read More

Monday November 14th Ethnic night is Morocco!

November 13, 2011By adminUncategorized

The flavours of Moroccan food invoke a deep desire in me to travel to Marrakesh and experience the traditional souk (market) bustling with dancers, story tellers, and musicians. At night, the food stalls open in a huge open air restaurant. I imagine the aromas of saffron and ginger, of fruits and nuts perfuming the night … Read More

November 6th Ethnic night is Louisiana

November 6, 2011By adminUncategorized

Hi There Folks! Monday is Ethnic night and this week is Louisianan food. I love the interesting and diverse history of the Cajun and Creole cuisines. It is actually too complex to write about in a short e-mail but it is worth looking up if anyone is interested (the Cajuns were French Catholics from Nova … Read More

October 31

October 30, 2011By adminUncategorized

Hi I just wanted to remind everyone that we will be closed Monday October 31 Night.  There will be no Ethnic Night August 8: justin bieber lyrics out for a jog in Beverly Hills, California. this week because of this closure but we will be open for breakfast and lunch from 7:30-3:00. Please note that … Read More

October 24th is Italian Ethnic night

October 23, 2011By adminEthnic Night

My inspiration for tonight’s meal comes from the movie “Big Night”, one of my all-time favourite food movies. My wife recently bought it for me for my birthday, and I was captured by the wonderful food in the film, as well as the ridiculously accurate portrayal of the restaurant life. The movie is about love, … Read More

October 17th Ethnic Night is Vietnam

October 16, 2011By adminEthnic Night

Hi Folks,   Here is this weeks Vietnamese ethnic night menu. I’m excited because I’m finally doing some Vietnamese foods that aren’t Pho bo and bahn mi (these have always been huge favourites of mine). I know that Vietnamese food is Still going to be beautiful, light, well balanced and Flavourful! I’ve even decided to … Read More

Monday, October, Ethnic Night

October 2, 2011By adminEthnic Night

Mexico Hi everyone! It’s time for Mexico. Mexican food totally works for me. It is complex in flavours and textures, with a lovely heat and beautiful colours. We’re making mole (say MO – LAY), which has about 30 different ingredients including chiles and chocolate. The story sometimes suggested for the dish has some nuns concerned … Read More

October 1, 2011By adminEthnic Night

Each Monday we pick a country to feature in our Ethnic Night Special.  They are a great way to try authentic dishes from a different country.  Steve is always trying to find the tastiest dishes that compliment each other to make up a great meal. Chef Steve Kirby first came up with the idea for … Read More