Monday February 27th Ethnic Night is Jamaica!

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Hi Everyone! This week is Jamaica! Jamaican food is a fascinating mix of cuisines (Spanish, African, British, with some China and India) tossed with some indigenous ingredients and some from the emigrating countries that are now grown there. I feel like every bite could be a history lesson for this land and culture. Jamaica’s national … Read More

Monday February 6th Ethnic Night at Max and Irma’s is Spain

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Monday’s ethnic night is Spanish cuisine! Spanish food is a wonderful example of Mediterranean cuisine. Spanish cuisine is influenced by the French, and also by the Moors and the Romans, both of whom conquered Spain at one point in history. This should be a great meal!   Jamon Croquetas   —   cured ham and Manchego cheese … Read More

Ethnic night Monday January 30th at Max & Irma’s is China

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Hi Folks, This weeks Ethnic Night is China. Chinese cooking is shaped by tradition and custom. The Chinese pay much attention to the harmony of their dishes; the colour, shape, texture, and aroma all sharing importance. I feel an affinity to this approach to food in general and to my Ethnic Night specials in particular. … Read More

Mexican Ethnic Night at Max and Irma’s Monday January 23rd

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Well, it’s time to do some Mexican food again this week! Mexico has an incredible history of food. It is a beautiful combination of cultures -Spanish & the native Mayans, Incas and Aztecs. There’s every likelihood that tamales, the famous Mexican dish wrapped in corn husks( or palm leaves), could be one of the oldest … Read More

Monday January 16th Ethnic Night at Max & Irma`s is Italy!

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This week’s Ethnic night is Italy! I ran across an interest anecdote while I was researching a French ethnic night. The idea espoused was that France hadn’t developed much of a refined cuisine before 1533, when Catherine De Medicis (a Florentine princess) married Henry duc d’Orleans (who became King Henry II or France). They say … Read More

Monday December 13th Ethnic Night is Jerusalem!

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I have really enjoyed researching for this Ethnic Night. The sheer complexity of this City is amazing, both historically and ethnically. Part of why I love doing my ethnic nights is the fascination I hold for the way geography and history affect the food people eat. (Obviously the other part is the cooking of the … Read More