Ethnic Night Monday November 14th is France

November 13, 2016By adminUncategorized

Hi there folks! This weeks’ ethnic night is France. French food is the first style I fell in love with back in cooking school. The beauty of this cuisine is in how they take the lovely ingredients and treat them gently and with skill to transform the food into something wonderful. Take the Boeuf Bourguignon … Read More

Monday October 17 is Croatia!

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Croatian cuisine is very interesting, with definite Slavic influences, also Turkish , Greek and Italian. This is only my second time doing this country for Ethnic Night,  so I am really looking forward to some fun dishes. Here is the Menu.     Shopska —  similar to a Greek salad with fresh vegetables, herbs and … Read More


May 29, 2016By adminUncategorized

Brazilian food is an interesting mix of indigenous, African, and Portuguese (and other European) influences. Monday’s menu is going to be great! This is going to be our last ethnic night for a while ( we stop for our busy summer season! ) so come in and enjoy it! We will start again in the … Read More

Tuscan Ethnic Night!

May 1, 2016By adminUncategorized

Hi Folks! This week’s ethnic night is Tuscany! Tuscan food is beautiful in it’s simplicity, they are well known for making food with good, seasonal ingredients, and putting them together simply to make stunning dishes! This week’s dessert goes by the name “Brutti ma Buoni” which means “ugly but tasty”. I loved the name so … Read More

Indian Ethnic Night April 18th at Max and Irma’s!

April 17, 2016By adminEthnic Night

Well, here we are again, ready for this weeks’ Indian Ethnic Night. I think I do Indian food at least once a season, and I never get bored with the choices of delicious things to make. This week I am particularly excited by the Goan meat pie called Patties. (MEAT PIE with INDIAN SPICES! How … Read More

American BBQ ethnic night at Max and Irma’s April 11

April 10, 2016By adminUncategorized

Well folks, it’s that time again. Time for some great slow and low cooking! American barbecue is all about cooking the meat for a looooonnggg time at a slow temperature. Throw in some serious smoke, and a few great side dishes and you’ve got some ridiculously great food.   Texas style beef brisket —   10 … Read More

Vietnamese cuisine Monday April 4th at Max and Irma’s

April 3, 2016By adminEthnic Night

Hi Everyone! This week is Vietnamese food! I know I say I love every countries food, but I really, really love Vietnamese. Fresh, spicy, bold, beautifully presented, herbaceous, texturally aware; this cuisine has it all! Even uninspired Vietnamese is good and inspired Vietnamese is phenomenal!! This is a classic Vietnamese menu with some of my … Read More

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The flavours of Moroccan food invoke a deep desire in me to travel to Marrakesh and experience the traditional souk (market) bustling with dancers, story tellers, and musicians. At night, the food stalls open in a huge open air restaurant. I imagine the aromas of saffron and ginger, of fruits and nuts perfuming the night … Read More


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I have said this before, but I really do think it’s funny. I love Indonesian food, and yet I have never had an Indonesian meal made by anyone else but myself. It’s one of the world’s cuisines I admire most, the food really resonates with me, and I have never been to an Indonesian restaurant … Read More