March 12, 2017By adminEthnic Night

Hi there everyone! Monday’s ethnic night this week is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is often called the “Teardrop of India” – it has many similarities to South Indian cuisine. I love the flavours. It has some of the biggest, boldest tastes of anywhere in the world. This week we are sharing the story from Rivka … Read More

Indian Ethnic Night April 18th at Max and Irma’s!

April 17, 2016By adminEthnic Night

Well, here we are again, ready for this weeks’ Indian Ethnic Night. I think I do Indian food at least once a season, and I never get bored with the choices of delicious things to make. This week I am particularly excited by the Goan meat pie called Patties. (MEAT PIE with INDIAN SPICES! How … Read More

Vietnamese cuisine Monday April 4th at Max and Irma’s

April 3, 2016By adminEthnic Night

Hi Everyone! This week is Vietnamese food! I know I say I love every countries food, but I really, really love Vietnamese. Fresh, spicy, bold, beautifully presented, herbaceous, texturally aware; this cuisine has it all! Even uninspired Vietnamese is good and inspired Vietnamese is phenomenal!! This is a classic Vietnamese menu with some of my … Read More

Jamaican Ethnic night at Max and Irma’s February 15th

February 14, 2016By adminEthnic Night

  Hi Everyone! This week is Jamaica! Jamaican food is a fascinating mix of cuisines (Spanish, African, British, with some China and India) tossed with some indigenous ingredients and some from the emigrating countries that are now grown there. I feel like every bite could be a history lesson for this land and culture. Jamaica’s … Read More

Monday February1st Ethnic Night at Max and Irma’s is Turkey!

January 31, 2016By adminEthnic Night

st1\:*{behavior:url(#default#ieooui) } Turkish cuisine is very interesting. It is mainly the heritage of the Ottoman Empire. Long rule (about 400 years) enabled the ruling class to develop an amazing cuisine, borrowing from other cultures (i.e.: using fruit with meats – Persia) and using the ingredients from abroad and from home. I would love to travel … Read More

Ethnic Night at Max & Irma’s January 25th is French Canadian

January 24, 2016By adminEthnic Night

Hello there folks! It’s been a long while since I’ve done French Canada as an ethnic night. It’s a pretty exciting menu of some real classics. I love Tortiere especially. Tortiere is a Christmas tradition in many French Canadian households, and is a delicious meat pie (there are several different ways of binding the pie, … Read More

January 17, 2016By adminEthnic Night

Hi Folks, It’s that time of the week. Monday January 18th is Italian Ethnic night. Italian cuisine is very close to my heart – it strikes closely to my true sensibilities as a cook. I love it’s bold, clean flavours, gutsy and fresh. It allows the flavour of the beautiful ingredients to come through and … Read More

Monday January 11th at Max and Irma's is Korean!

January 10, 2016By adminEthnic Night

Hello Everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous Holiday season. This first ethnic night of the New Year is going to be Korea! I’m super excited to be making Korean food. I’ve kind of fallen in love with the Korean cuisine just recently. I mean, I’ve loved dome of the dishes I have made … Read More