Hi there everyone! Monday’s ethnic night this week is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is often called the “Teardrop of India” – it has many similarities to South Indian cuisine. I love the flavours. It has some of the biggest, boldest tastes of anywhere in the world. This week we are sharing the story from Rivka (the close runner-up of our story contest) and her experience in Sri Lanka.



Hello dear friends…..in 1999 I went to work in Saudi Arabia, and while there, travelled to Sri Lanka. One day, I hired a driver for the day (not expensive in Sri Lanka). I wanted to visit two famous sites. The first place was a mountain which looks like a large black tooth sticking up out of the plains. After climbing up 1200 stairs built into the mountainside (with a guide), you reach the top. Long ago, a monarch built a castle here. There is a fabulous view. The name of this place is “Sigiriya Rock”. We carried on from here to a famous Buddhist sanctuary filled with ancient statues of the Buddha – some of them very large. But first, we were hungry from our stair climbing! My driver stopped at a restaurant where he knew the cook. While he went off into the kitchen to eat with his friend, I sat in the (humble) dining room and was served one of the most amazing meals I’ve ever eaten. On the plate was white rice and displayed before me in little white bowls were about a dozen different toppings for the rice. I cannot remember now, over 15 years later, what was in each of those bowls but I do know there was shrimp, another kind of white fish, various vegetables, and shredded coconut and a delicate curry sauce. The overall affect was intoxicating. I can still smell the aroma of the sweet curries and the jasmine tree in full blossom outside the open window. My birthday was a few days away and, for me, this was the best birthday meal ever! Thanks for your great restaurant. I love Max and Irma’s



Thanks Rivka! Here’s the menu.




Mallung — bold flavoured shredded greens


Kukul Mas Curry   —   this is my favourite chicken curry from any country!


Roti   —   wood oven baked wheat flatbread


Kaha Bath   —   yellow rice


Dehi Rata indi chatni   —  lemon and date chutney


Pol Sambol   —   coconut sambol   ( a sambol is like a flavourful condiment )


Ulundhu Vata   — like a falafel made with urad lentils



That’s it folks. No ethnic night next week. I am in Calgary for a karate competition with Nelson dojo. Wish us luck! (we are still open, just no ethnic night!)