Valentine’s Day Menu Thursday February 14th 2013

Appetizer : Fresh Dates stuffed with Mascarpone cheese and wrapped in pancetta, roasted in the wood oven – on a bed of tender spicy greens all drizzled with a Balsamic vinegar reduction.

Pasta: Big fat ribbons of fresh house made pasta (pappardelle) in a creamy brandied lobster sauce topped with lobster medallions, saltwater prawns, and a big scallop. Topped with a avocado-mango relish and drizzled with a fresh herb puree.

Beef Wellington: Roasted beef tenderloin wrapped in wild mushroom duxelle, prosciutto ham, and puff pastry, served on Madeira wine sauce. With green onion and buttermilk mashed potatoes, and wood-oven roasted vegetables.

Dessert: Mille feuille: (means a thousand layers) Layers of crisp puff pastry alternating with a ginger and cardamom pastry cream, and a chocolate cream ( in a heart shapeJ )