Well, it’s time to do some Mexican food again this week! Mexico has an incredible history of food. It is a beautiful combination of cultures -Spanish & the native Mayans, Incas and Aztecs.

There’s every likelihood that tamales, the famous Mexican dish wrapped in corn husks( or palm leaves), could be one of the oldest traditional dishes still being prepared today. Historians have been able to trace back the beginnings of the tamale to approximately 8000 BC. Mayans, Incas and Aztecs likely prepared tamales as a way to make food easier to carry. We are doing a shrimp tamale this week in the Nayarit style (the last place I visited in Mexico- lots of fun).


Tamales de Camaron Nayarit   —   Shrimp tamales


Tacos al Pastor   —   I love these beautiful tacos. Marinated roasted pork with crispy edges , roasted pineapple, salsa verde (tomatillo), cilantro and onions.


Ensalada de Verduras   —   a lovely marinated vegetable salad


And for dessert


Nieve de Mango   —   a Nieve is a particularly Mexican style of ice cream- you don’t make a custard to start so the texture is a little different than we are used to. Fabulous however it’s made.


Next weeks ethnic night is Morocco!


Take care, folks! See you soon,


Max and Irma’s