Well, instead of meatless Monday, I think we’ll have to call it MEATY MONDAY! It’s going to be ridiculous. Everyone should come out for this one. Plus, it’s your last chance to get in for an ethnic night before the fall. We are seriously making a massive amount of beautiful meat (and some other things- hushpuppies with honey butter are a thing of beauty!). Really, I would feel bad for you if you don’t come in and have this crazy meal.



Texas style Beef Brisket — smoked for 6 hours with Hickory, slow roasted for 18 hours!


Kansas City style ribs smoked for 4 hours and slow roasted until tender


Western Carolina style pulled pork —smoked for five hours and slow roasted for 8;served on a soft bun


Texas hot links   —  a bit spicy, beef and pork,  smoked for a long time


4 kinds of BBQ sauce    —Kansas City style( sweet ,sour , a little spicy-the classic sauce) Lexington Dip (vinegary, thin and penetrating), South Carolina Mustard Sauce (sweet and sour, with a mustard base) and a Texas Mop-Sauce( Wow! This one has got me- THE best BBQ sauce ever! A little sour and spicy, a hint of sweetness and rich intense flavour from the brisket drippings)


Hush puppies — crunchy corn-meal fritter; served with honey butter


Corn on the cob


Creamy coleslaw


Dill Pickles


As I said above, this is the last one for a couple of months, so we’re ending with a bang. If you are a meat lover, we’re going to knock your socks off!

Take care,


Max and Irma’s Restaurant