Well I’m excited to do Hawaiian food again! This is only my second time making this interesting cuisine, and I find it fascinating. With the native (Polynesian origin) Hawaiians foods like Yams, coconuts, taro, and sugar cane; mixed with  the post-contact Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Philippine and Puerto Rican influences; and also with foods like Spam from soldiers in WWII. (Don’t worry, I’m not making spam musubi- which is like spam on sushi rice, wrapped in nori! Very popular in Hawaii- it’s even sold in 7-11! ) They actually eat a lot of dishes with spam. Anyway, here is the menu!


Mochiko chicken with ponzu sauce   —   Fried chicken with a sweet rice flour coating , serve with shredded cabbage, rice and ponzu sauce ( like a light lemony soy sauce dip)


Ahi Poke   — raw yellowfin tuna mixed with sesame, seaweed, green onion, and soy sauce


Salad with papaya seed dressing   —  green salad topped with papaya and tomatoes with a papaya seed dressing


And for dessert,


Chocolate Haupia pie   —   Haupia is a traditional coconut cream dessert, this one is layered with chocolate and regular Haupia in a cream pie!




Next week is Israel!

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