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This week (March 6th) we are doing Myanmar (Burma) as our ethnic night because the winner of our story contest (Danica!) wrote her entry about this country. She does a great job describing the food of the country so I’ll leave this weeks’ intro to her. Thank you again for the stories Danica ( I enjoyed everyone’s stories, it was an interesting project!)   Here is her story.


This summer my partner and I were traveling in SE Asia and had the pleasure of visiting one of the most amazing places: Myanmar. Before going, we heard that it was a cool place to visit, but that the food wasn’t anything special. Much to our surprise, the food was amazing. It was almost like a fusion of Indian, Chinese, Thai, and a lot of something else. Because there aren’t a ton of westerners there yet, it’s still possible to buy street food for locals price. Early one rainy morning, we woke up to experience the market scene and we were able to purchase a locals breakfast for the equivalent of 25 cents! We pulled up on some tiny plastic chairs and huddled under a tarp while an older Burmese woman dished out some food for us in ceramic bowls that had just been rinsed out from the person before. It was a strange mix of rice, tapioca, and coconut milk, perhaps some sweetener of some sort as well? It was the most delicious surprise.


I think that dish might have been called Moh Let Saung from what I have read, sound like a bubble tea kind of thing.


And now, here is this weeks menu.


Sayukthee Thoke   —   Grapefruit salad


Gyin Thoke   —   Pickled ginger salad


Monlar oo Thoke   — Coconut Jasmine rice


Ohnhtamin   —   Coconut rice


Mandalay Mondi   —   Curried chicken on rice noodles with broth


And for dessert   —Fried bananas with sesame seeds


Next week is Sri Lanka

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