Ahhh! France! Very few countries are so associated (in the worlds eyes) with their cuisine. Justifiably famous, the French cuisine is a marvel. The French take their mealtime so seriously, many businesses and most government offices are closed from 12- 2 so they can enjoy their lunchtimes. Todays menu is comprised of some of the less well known dishes, that maybe should be better known. Let me know what you think!




Nouvelles pommes de terre Provençale   —   Red skinned potatoes roasted with garlic, olives, tomatoes and onions



Celeri-Rave et Carotte Remoulade   —   Celery root and carrot salad with fresh herbs, capers and a Dijon-mayo type dressing



Haricots Vert a la Dijonnaise   —   Warm green bean salad with a Dijon dressing



Homard en Croute   —   lobster in a brandied cream sauce baked in a ramekin with a pastry crust. (we are using Langostino, or Squat Lobster – a tasty but more economical alternative than traditional lobster)


And for Dessert:


Pain au Chocolat   —   mmmmm…  house made croissants stuffed with dark chocolate


Next week is Italian. See you soon.


Max and Irma’s