This week for ethnic night(Monday April 10th) we will be doing Argentinian Asado (or barbecue).  Also known as parrillada, it would be a crime go to this country without spending an afternoon beside the warmth of a grill or open fire, feasting on copious grilled meats. This is their national dish, originating with the country’s gauchos ( or cowboys) who live on the abundant cows dotting the country’s grasslands. I read that there are still more cows than people even today.



Salsa Criolla   —   fresh made salsa- like sauce (no real spice)


Ensalada Mixta   —   Lettuce, tomato and onion salad


Entrana   —  Grilled beef steak


Chimichurri   — a herbaceous sauce for barbecued meat


Chorizo   —   House-made Argentinian sausage – similar to Spanish chorizo, made with pork and beef ( I made it today, with a whole bottle of Argentinian wine! It’s going to be great!((the wine is in the sausage not in the cook!)) )


Provoleta   — a grilled provolone cheese with herbs, and olive oil


And for Dessert!


Alfajores  — a cookie-like biscuit that is split and filled with dulce de leche ! Yum!


Next week we will make Italian food for Easter Monday. Take care,


Max and Irma’s Restaurant