Hi Folks, It’s that time of the week. Monday June 5, 2017 is Italian Ethnic night. Italian cuisine is very close to my heart – it strikes closely to my true sensibilities as a cook. I love it’s bold, clean flavours, gutsy and fresh. It allows the flavour of the beautiful ingredients to come through and shine brightly. I think my first stop on my Dream culinary tour would be a month or two in Italy (After the really large lotto win). Here’s this weeks menu.





Pappardelle all’Amatriciana  —  lovely home made noodles with a light pancetta tomato sauce with a little chile bite.


Porchetta   — a porchetta is a different cut of pork than we usually see in North America – part pork loin, part pork belly (think bacon!), rolled with herbs and garlic, and roasted until the skin is crrrrunchyy.


Insalata Pomodoro e Basilico    —   southern Italian style tomato and basil salad




And, for Dessert:

Peche Dolci   —   Italian peach cookies


Next week will be our last ethnic night until fall, and, by popular demand, it will be American Barbecue!

Take Care, see you soon