Hi there Folks! This week for Max and Irmas’ Ethnic Night we are making Israeli food. I think the best way to explain Israeli food is to look at the diverse historical ethnicities of it’s inhabitants. The Israelis come from all over the globe. Turkey, Syria, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, South America, Russia… the list keeps going. It really is a huge melting pot. The interplay of cultures has made for an interesting cuisine.


Bureka   —  cheese pastry with house made phyllo


Kibbutz   —  the ubiquitous chopped vegetable salad, pretty much served with every meal.


Slata Chizo   —   Shredded carrot salad with herbs


Hodoo Schnitzelim   —   Breaded turkey cutlets with Israeli spices


Amba   —   Mango pickle sauce


Limonana   —   mint lemonade




Chocolate covered coconut Macaroons   —- A Passover treat in many Israeli homes



Next week is Argentina!

Have a great day, call us for reservations. 250 -352-2332


Max & Irma’s