It’s funny. I love Indonesian food, and yet I have never had an Indonesian meal made by anyone else but myself. It’s one of the world’s cuisines I admire most, the food really resonates with me, and I have never been to an Indonesian restaurant or eaten a meal cooked by someone from Indonesia. Part of the beauty of Ethnic Night for me is it gives me the chance to travel to other countries in my head, through my love of the food they create. There is little subtlety about this cuisine, it kind of jumps in your mouth and shakes up your taste buds! (WAKE UP!!)

Here is the menu


Nasi Goreng   —   Fried rice with prawns and pork


Gado-Gado  —  (this means mix-mix)  is a salad of potatoes, beans, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber, boiled egg, and fried  tofu with crisp shallots

Served with:

Saus Kacang ( peanut sauce)


Singgang Ayam   — spiced grilled chicken cooked in coconut milk


Serundeng   —   peanut and coconut condiment


Krupuk   —   prawn crackers


Steve Kirby

Max and Irma’s Restaurant


Next week is Victoria Day , so we will be closed for Monday. May 29th will be France!